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In The Beginning - 2003

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September 2003

Ordered a set of plans and building instructions for the D150 Sky Prince from Frank Rogers of Sydney. Thirty five separate pages arrived!

October 2003

The plans arrived and I met with Bob Furness who owns the Camden Haven airfield (YCMH)on the NSW Mid North Coast. He built a Jodel in the early 1990s. I joined the SAAA Builder Assist program, made contact with Terry Ryan, a potential technical counsellor from SAAA, and completed the pre-assembly of the rudder

rudder assembly

November 2003

I talked with Terry Ryan and met with Bob Furness to check Rib #1 Rudder and to inspect his Jodel 150. Ordered the nuts and bolts for Sheet 8 from Aircraft Parts & Equipment (APE). I also met with Ole Hartman, a local man who builds metal ultralights.

I completed the construction of the fin and rudder, completed and drilled the hinges and ordered the nuts and bolts for Sheet 14 from APE. I also started to research the Subaru engine 130-150hp and contacted Chris Falconar of Falconar Aviation in Edmonton Canada about plans for the spring undercarriage and bubble canopy.

No further news from Terry Ryan.

rudder and fin rudder hinge rudder hornds

December 2003

I commenced work on the tailplane, followed up with Falconar Aviation about the canopy and undercarriage legs and investigated panel and engine options.

Met with Frank Rogers in Sydney, inspected a Minicab GT 201 at Kempsey (see picture of canopy), compiled a list of 27 Jodels in Australia and constructed a 4.8 metre workbench and the tailplane ribs and spar.

tailplane minicab canopy

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