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Progress 2006

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January - March

A busy time in the hangar at Taree. If it's not broken don't fit it!

Bill Coote

The three blade warp drive ground-adjustable prope was set at 12 degrees pitch and seemed to give plenty of thrust with the engine running at up to 4200rpm static. This equals about 230rpm for the prop

Toes brakes Installation of toe brakes made taxiing easier
Undercarriage A major weakness in the design of the undercarriage lead to a complete revision and it was professionally welded early in the taxiing program
weber carburettors Twin downdraft weber carburetors needed re-jetting. The 36mm IDF carbs had large fuel jets with 32mm chokes. According to the book these carbs with a throat cylinder required 32mm plus chokes but smaller fuel jets. The spark generated by the LINK engine management computer was adjusted using a software program on my laptop computer. My Jodel friend John Hamburger was a bit taken aback!

March 2006

Testing continues with the drive line being beefed up.

drive line

drive line

drive line
The Nisson Patrol clutch plate less face material was bolted to the EJ22 flywheel which had been machined to fit an EA81 ring gear. The fly wheel now weighs 8.5kg, about 6kg heavier than the original aluminium unit

drive line

aluminium flywheel

Aluminium flywheel and Nissan clutch centre
before they were sent to the feed lot for fattening up.

April 2006

Taxi testing on the grass strip at Taree - Click here for a brief movie

Jodel taxiing




May-August 2006

Eight hours of test running, resolving engine/propellor issues before contemplating a full circuit.

September 2006

First circuit (solo), Taree Airfield, September 6th - Pilot in Command was Bill Coote


Performance Ratings to be Confirmed with Test Flying

Take off flap 20 deg. (5 clicks)
Best gradient of climb
61 kts.with 20 deg flaps
Best rate of climb
73 kts. Without flaps, expect 600 ft/min
Downwind 3800 rpm
70 kts
Engine speed 5000 rpm
104 kts
Engine speed 5500 rpm
113 kts
Max engine speed 6000 rpm
122 kts
Stall clean
45 kts
Stall full flap
40 kts
Flap limiting speed
81 kts
Down wind 3800 rpm
70 kts
20 degrees flap 3800 rpm
? kts
Full flaps and 3800 rpm 61 kts on final

red line
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