Osprey 2 GP 3

Bill inherited this partly-constructed project. The original builder Philip Potter in Mt Gambier SA built the parts as if he was creating a kit. Then he put together the fuselage and  tail, the wing spars and ribs, the ailerons, elevator and horizontal stabiliser. All the metal parts were welded, painted and labelled. The workmanship was first class. He used resorcinol glue which requires a very close fit between parts being glued. The DCA which closely supervised Amateur Built Aircraft construction said his workmanship was excellent and it was.

Engine mount 001.jpg
Elevator fin engine mount
Osprey 2 project 01.jpg
Cabin as received
September 01.jpg
Fuselage finish 01.jpg
Foaming bottom 02.jpg
Main Spar stabiliser and elevators.jpg
Main spars tail feathers
Bottom up pre foaming 01.jpg
Foaming bottom 06.jpg
Bottom after foaming 02143.jpg